Why You Are Here

Odds are if you've found yourself visiting this site, it's because we share a common passion for beautiful and memorable artwork. Good interior design usually includes beautiful art. From large statement pieces to smaller pops of color and drama that help complete a design.

All the better when that art has an emotional connection. It may remind you of a place you've visited or lived. Or sometimes art simply makes you feel good. A beautiful piece of art can counter blue moods as well as gray skies.

For many of us, the artwork we choose is more than a design choice. We want art that more than matches the drapes. The art we decorate with communicates to those around us. It tells the people about our cherished memories and more. Even better when that message is unique. In a world where mass-production has become the norm, don't you deserve something in your life that stands out in the crowd?

When you buy art you love from an independent artist, you're getting something that truly sets you apart! And that's a beautiful and warm message with which to welcome people who visit your home or office.

That is ultimately the purpose of Beautiful World Art - this site exists to introduce you to uncommon art that's filled with beauty and communicates a depth of feeling. You might be decorating your own space or buying a gift for a loved one. In the end, the art you choose matters!

Mark’s Journey

I am a self professed creative geek, a life-long fan of sci-fi, fantasy and technology. I stumbled onto travel and a love for making art almost simultaneously over a decade ago. Over the past several years, what started as a hobby evolved into my full-time livelihood. My grandfather used to say the luckiest people are those who love their work, and I'm happy to count myself in that number. 

It's still surreal sometimes to imagine that my work is hanging in homes and businesses I've never seen and in countries I've yet to experience. I find it both humbling and fulfilling all at once. And I so appreciate the support of patrons past and present who help me do what I love every day.

As you take the time to explore my work, you'll see that Inspiration from the places I've traveled still features heavily in my work. But it was through those travels that I learned there is beauty to be found practically everywhere once you have trained your eyes to see it.

As a result the galleries here feature an eclectic mix of artwork from art prints of ancient castles, to soaring skyscrapers and dusty dirt roads near and far. The thread that ties this all together is my unique style and my mission to find the underlying beauty in our world through my own creative vision.

The descriptions for the art on display here often include my personal recollections about places I've been or what inspired a particular piece of art. You're of course free to simply let the pictures speak for themselves but I hope you'll enjoy the personal anecdotes as well if you're in the mood to read! But ultimately, I hope you'll find you connect with the work itself - please enjoy!

Mark Tisdale in A British Phone Booth

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Ordering Art and Art Inquiries

If you have any questions about a print you would like to order. Or if you'd like to discuss my existing work or how I can help  you with a decorating project, please don't hesitate to ask. I am ready to answer all inquiries.

In addition to wall art and other print on demand products, my artwork has also been licensed for various uses in the past and I am open to discussing other art licensing projects.

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