Now Accepting Art Commissions!

Are you looking for custom artwork? On this page you will see a few examples of my work using various photo references. In some cases the photos are my own. In other cases, the source photos were provided to me by the person who requested the commission. If you want to commission a similar work, I can do so using your photo as a reference.

The Process Behind The Art

I use multiple tools to create these art commissions. My work varies depending on how I want the final piece to look, but I wanted to provide you with a general overview of the process. Most of my work begins with a painted watercolor background that gives a dreamy flavor to the final image. The more concrete parts of my artwork such as buildings and architectural elements are illustrated on separate paper in acrylic - sometimes accented with pen or colored pencil depending on the results I am seeking. Those layers are scanned and combined on my computer. I also do final detail work at this stage using either Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, or sometimes both. This can vary but this is a fairly typical scenario.

Commissioned Art Delivery

Since my work is completed in a digital format, your art commission will be delivered as a print-ready digital file. This means you can make as many prints for your personal use as you'd like! Want a canvas print for your living room, but you want to give a framed paper print to your mother? You can! Perhaps cousin Sue sees it in a few years and wants her own print? Not a problem! Maybe later you decide that you also want to print it on greeting cards for correspondence with friends and family? Not a problem - since you will have your own file, you can make or order as many prints in whatever format you need for as long as you wish. The only caveat is that the use is noncommercial in nature. I.E. if you like the result so much you want to use the commissioned artwork on your company letterhead or something similar,  we would need to discuss those details when that time comes.

Art Subjects & Artistic Photo Restoration

To date, most of my art commissions have been of places rather than people. By and large, I think this is the area where my style shines. I love capturing the beauty of places. But if you like my style so much you'd like to see my take on a treasured family photo, I am willing to do my best to make you a keepsake you'll be proud to display!  In that same vein, I am willing to offer my services doing artistic photo restoration. Most of my experience in this area is with my own large supply of fading old family pictures. I love bringing the light back to them! There's nothing quite like seeing lost details resurface and I love to have the finished result to display in my home without fear of damaging the originals further by exposing them to light. If that sounds good to you and you have old photos that need a little TLC, I hope you'll let me work on them!

If you have questions before ordering your art commission, please drop me a note with details about your request and any questions you wish to discuss before we start.