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Art Print Notes:

I created this unique Air Force painting near July 4th of 2016. The inspiration for it was a photo taken by Tech. Sgt. Christopher Boitz. The original US Air Force photo showed an F-16 fighter jet during an Thunderbirds Air show at the Warriors Over the Wasatch air show at Hill Air Force Base, Utah on June 25, 2016. In the original photo, the jet’s contrail billowed out behind the plane. There was something about the feeling of motion of that original photo that spoke to me and inspired me to run with it.

And I love the result that is this air force painting, a strong piece of patriotic art. Instead of a simple comtrail, the exhaust from the F-16 fighter jet appears to be a billowing American flag unfurling across the blue skies. I grew up not far from Robins Air Force Base in Georgia so I was raised listening to jets shatter the sound barrier in the skies over me. So when I think of July 4th and Americana, it’s hard for me not to envision our Air Force jets. They just pop into my head quite naturally.

I readily admit that this combination of an air force jet and the US flag wasn’t planned from the start. It just sort of appeared as I was working on this Air Force painting. Sometimes the best moments of creativity are just out of the blue sky, aren’t they? This has remained a favorite piece of patriotic art among my work every since. I can’t look at it without feeling a little bit of pride in my country, how about you?

I would love to hear what brought you to by to check out my air force painting? Do you love F-16 jets? Perhaps you or someone special to you served in the US Air Force? Or maybe it just hit the right patriotic note for you, too? Whatever it is, I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me.

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  1. Abby

    Love this! I have a husband retired from Air Force – am definitely saving this as a future gift idea! Awesome work!

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