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About This Print

This mosque ceiling print from within the historic Mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo is a delightful combination of looking at the world a little differently and, of course, the amazing architecture. From the moment we entered this amazing space, I found my eyes constantly going upward. The level of detail in those soaring domes was just phenomenal. And of course, that lighting feels like it was taken straight out of a fantasy. It almost feels like a constellation of stars have been captured between the floor and the mosque ceiling.

Without this print, I would honestly be at a loss for words to describe the rich grandeur of this mosque celing. The 19th century mosque was built in the style of classical Ottoman architecture. As the zenith of that style had passed when the Mosque of Muhammad Ali was built, you’re basically looking at the pinnacle of that style, the moment when it was as refined as it was going to get. And it shows. Doesn’t that mosque ceiling feel like it has been inspired by some amazing architecture?

The different way of looking at things came when we were seated on the floor as a group learning about the history of this amazing mosque, not unlike the group seen in the far left corner of this print. As I sat on the floor listening, I happened to glance up once more. I did say my eyes were constantly drawn upwards! When I saw this perspective, I quietly pulled out my favorite fisheye lens and, well, you see the result. This print is larger than life but really captures that amazing mosque ceiling in spades. And I still look at it and marvel.

Have you also visited the Mosque of Muhammad Ali within the Citadel in Cairo? Or does the architecture of this historic place simply bowl you over, too? I would love if you took a moment to share what you find most striking about this Cairo print?


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