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About This Print

The ancient pyramids of Egypt were always on my bucket list. Although honestly, walking on the Giza plateau was one of those faraway dreams. One of those ideas that seemed at best far in the future. When the stars aligned and I found myself on an Egyptian adventure, it still felt like I was dreaming. And as those days seeing ancient temples and desert sands fall further in the past, it feels more like a story I read rather than experienced.

I think that fantasy storybook quality was what was foremost in my mind when I was working on this Egyptian print. I wanted this artwork to feel not just vintage. I wanted it to feel as if it was ripped form the pages of old fables. Doesn’t it have a bit of an Arabian Nights quality to it? I see camels and ancient pyramids, but alas, no flying carpets!

This ancient pyramids print shows the third pyramid built on the Giza Plateau, the tomb of Pharaoh Menkaure. His was the last of the great pyramids at Giza. Smaller than the other ancient pyramids at the site, it was apparently finished after the Pharaoh’s death. There are a number of theories why construction of pyramids ground to a stop as the fourth dynasty ended but no definitive answer. The ancient pyramids and their builders are shadowy figures of mystery compared to the later rulers who were buried in the famous Valley of The kings.

This vintage storybook style print will always remind me of the feeling I felt standing before the ancient pyramids. The mysteries seemed to swirl in the desert air. Those ancient wonders felt truly larger than life and so impossibly old. Those ancient pyramids were built to immortalize the god-kings of Egypt and they certainly succeeded in that. Here we are thousands of years later still enthralled by these ancient buildings.

Have you stood on the Giza plateau and gazed upon those ancient pyramids? Or perhaps you simply love the vintage flavor of this Egyptian print? I would love if you took a few seconds to share what appeals to you most about this print?


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Mark Tisdale - Georgia Artist

I'm a Georgia artist who fashions myself as a creative geek!

My journey as an artist started with a love of travel which has changed my life in ways I never would have imagined. I feel quite fortunate to have found creative outlets that I love. I have been working as an artist for over a decade and I have supported myself as a full time artist for seven years and counting.

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