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About This Print

Ancient Roman arches are truly the epitome of Rome. The first brick arches were apparently Mesopotamian, but under the Romans, the arch flourished. In the classical world, visit any old ruins, and Roman arches will almost be literally everywhere you look. The ancient Colosseum is basically one arch after another. In fact the window arch you see in this print is from one of the upper levels of the Colosseum in the heart of the ruins of ancient Rome.

In the piazza beyond this ancient brick arch is, yes, more Roman Arches. In this case that’s the Arch of Constantine, erected in the 4th century. My arches run out at that point. The hill in the distance is the ancient Palatine Hill with the church of San Bonaventura al Palatino on its peak. Ah well, I bet there’s at least an arch or two in that old church even if we can’t see them from here.

After all Roman arches span the centuries in Roman architecture. The landmark Colosseum was already a couple of hundred years old when the arch of Constantine was built! So, Roman arches are indeed a real fixture of architecture in the ancient world. It was the arch that made so many of the buildings of ancient Rome possible from Coliseums to aqueducts. That’s why this print feels to me as it captures the flavor of the ancient world.

Have you stood in the Colosseum? Perhaps strolled past the Arch of Constantine? Or maybe you simply love the classic Roman architecture in this print? I would love to hear what speaks to you the most in this Italian print?

Note: The Historic Centre of Rome, which includes the architecture seen in this print, is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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