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Art Print Notes:

I don’t know if there were genuinely a lot of different documentaries airing about the ancient Roman Pantheon right before I left for Italy. Or was I simply ‘finding’ them all because each one further fired my enthusiasm for that trip. Whatever the case, I watched documentary after documentary and read even more about the Roman Pantheon before my trip. By the time I finally stood there for the first time in the rain, I felt like I had been there a dozen times. Every step to the Roman Pantheon felt absolutely familiar!

The ancient Roman Pantheon is not just a feat of ancient engineering and architecture. It’s a marvel because it’s the only building from antiquity that’s still in use today. It’s not in ruins, and it’s not a cold museum. Instead of celebrating the ancient Roman pantheon of gods, though, it’s been a Christian church, Santa Maria dei Martiri, since the 7th century.

This Roman Pantheon print is based on that first visit to the ancient temple. As you can tell from the umbrellas, it was a stormy day. And in some sense, it made me feel the ancient Roman Pantheon was even more enduring. Imagine how many times its rained on the domed roof? How many times water has ran down those Roman columns,and still the Roman Pantheon stands. I was so impressed I returned to this ancient shrine over and over while I was in Italy. The Roman Pantheon is as this print suggests, simply amazing.

Have you stood outside the Pantheon on Rome? Bonus points for you if it was raining as it is in this print! Or do you have an armchair interest in the ancient world as I do? I would love to hear what aspect of this print appeals to you the most!

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