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Art Print Notes:

It seems like every college town has its own special bar – a gathering spot like none-other to the people who go there. For decades, an Auburn tradition was the War Eagle Supper Club on South College Street. I’ve had multiple people tell me their parents partied there and so did they during their years attending college at Auburn University. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people out there right now who were the third generation to spend their nights out at the old Supper Club. It was an Auburn tradition that probably ranked up there with rolling the oaks on Toomer’s Corner after a winning game.

What makes the old War Eagle Supper Club a more poignant memory for many who attended Auburn is that it’s no longer there. This particular Auburn tradition exists only in memories and books now. The Supper Club closed its doors on December 31st, 2015. Apparently the lease ran out and the owner of the property had other plans in store for it. During my time in Auburn in the mid 90’s that strip of South college was booming with new businesses, so in a way it’s not surprising. But I haven’t been back to Auburn since the demolition of the Supper Club so it’s still kind of hard to envision its absence there.

I wanted this artwork of the old War Eagle Supper Club to capture the spirit of a place where everyone who went there was a member. It’s funny when I first envisioned this scene it was more crowded, including more people, and more of the bar and its surroundings. And then as I worked on the original composition, I pared it back until there were just a few figures, the entrance and mural. And i felt it was important it be a night time scene since, admit it, for most of you your memories of this Auburn tradition are at night!

I have to admit I have been shocked at how positively this particular print has been received. It is well on its way to becoming one of my most popular prints in a very short time. So it seems to have struck a chord with generations of people who attended Auburn. Everyone I have spoken to has said it brings back good memories for them and that was certainly my aim. I have also had more than a few people remark on the shooting star overhead. That was sort of symbolic of a star that shines brightly before burning out and on another level an allusion to the night the stars fell on Alabama. It just seemed fitting for me!

If you have found your way here, there’s little doubt you must have spent time in Auburn as well? I hope you’ll pause for a moment to share your memories of this now-absent Auburn tradition! And if you have any questions about my work, lease ask away.

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