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Art Print Notes:

Years later when I look back at my prints form the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Cairo, I’m still amazed at what a beautiful mosque it is. The outside was impressive, but it was the inside that really spoke to me. I loved the soaring spaces inside that beautiful mosque. Just look at the incredible lighting, the vivid colors and the almost celestial feeling you get looking up at the domes of that classical Ottoman architecture.

And this beautiful mosque is not just a pretty face. It’s a part of historic Cairo. It was built on the high ground within the historic citadel overlooking the city in the 19th century. This breath-taking space was built to honor Muhammad Ali Pasha’s late son. I’ve also heard it was built as a show of prestige and power for the ruler of Egypt as this was the style of mosque that was generally reserved for rulers of the Ottoman empire. Was Muhammad Ali Pasha motivated by grief or the desire to show his power? I guess there’s always the middle ground that this beautiful mosque fulfilled both goals?

Today this beautiful mosque, also known as the Alabaster Mosque, is gorgeous peek into Egypt’s near past. After all, Egypt is more than pyramids and pharaohs. And it was simply a pleasure to see and attempt to capture the majesty of that opulent and exotic old architecture. It’s certainly a vivid reminder of my time in Cairo.

Have you been to this beautiful mosque as well? Or perhaps you are simply wowed by the grand architecture of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha? I hope you might take a moment to share what speaks to you most in this historic Cairo print?

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