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Art Print Notes

When I first developed an interest in art, I began a quest to capture local landmarks for my own art series. As I began seeking out Atlanta area landmarks there was absolutely zero question that The Big Chicken, pictured here, was on the list.  This roadside attraction been a fixture in Marietta, one of Atlanta’s nearer suburbs, since the 1960’s. And from a personal perspective,  it was one of the first landmarks I had visited with friends when I moved to Atlanta in the late 90’s. Besides, I have always loved quirky roadside attractions of this vintage. Don’t you?

The Big Chicken is a piece of novelty architecture which was originally built in 1963 to advertise what was then Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake restaurant. In 1974 it became part of the KFC chain. In more recent years there were threats to move the  landmark chicken to Smyrna. A public uproar followed and the Big Chicken was renovated and seems destined to remain a Marietta icon.

If you’ve lived in or near Marietta, you’ll no doubt know that people routinely gives directions based on their proximity to the Big Chicken, i.e. turn left at the Big Chicken, or a mile north of the Big Chicken, etc. That definitely qualifies as a landmark don’t you think? There’s no question that giant red chicken with the roadside Americana qualities is part of the local lore today.

My rendition of this local landmark includes a layered vintage feel to really capture the nostalgia and timeless nature of this retro-cool little corner of the Atlanta area. My Big Chicken is an interesting art piece whether you hail from Marietta or you, like me, love kitschy mid-century Americana.

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  1. Susan Jackson

    It just wouldn’t be Marietta without the Big Chicken – you’ve really captured the spirit of that old chicken!

    • Mark Tisdale

      Thanks Susan – glad you think I’ve done Marietta justice! 🙂

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