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Art Print Notes:

Boston was always on my list of places to see. What I had seen and heard about Boston intrigued me. I love cities with rich, long histories. When the fates aligned to give me the chance to see Boston first-hand, I was not disappointed. On my first afternoon roaming the Boston Harbor waterfront I happened to glance up at the skyline and spotted this beautiful old piece of architecture. I had no idea of the history of that building at the time, but it was immediately obvious this Boston clock tower was a landmark building.

Sure enough, the Boston Custom House is an 19th century building, but the clock tower that pierces the skyline over it was built in the early 20th century. The Boston clock tower is a really beautiful piece of Neoclassical architecture. And from what I’ve read that clock tower has the distinction of being Boston’s first skyscraper.

Well even if you’ve never been fortunate enough to stand on the Boston waterfront, it should be obvious just from this lone print of the Boston skyline that in the 21st century, it’s a skyline crowded with skyscrapers. And that’s one of my favorite features of this Boston clock tower print. In this view, we can see a veritable history of 20th century architecture from Neoclassical straight through to postmodern. It really is like seeing the Boston skyline evolve through architecture in one single image.

I love that there’s still a sense of harmony. All of those different architectural types seem to work together in this Boston landmark print. And most importantly, that beautiful Boston clock tower, a piece of local heritage, still stands out and proud. Landmark buildings aren’t always quite so obvious to visitors but in this case, I suspect many visitors to Boston have spied this clock tower reaching over the waterfront. Have you?

Have you also had the chance to visit Boston and admire this clock tower as you roamed the streets of that city? Or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to call Boston home and this reminds you of what you love about your city? I’d love to hear what attracted you to this Boston architecture print!

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