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Art Print Notes:

I wandered the Boston seaside for hours on my last day there. I loved the waterfront in late summer. It seemed like everyone in Boston must have a boat, although I’m sure that’s a hugely exaggerated feeling, but everywhere I looked on the seaside, there were boats and people enjoying being out on the waters of the old harbor. When Boston was settled, its location on that natural harbor was hugely important to shipping. These days the Boston seaside is more about leisure than commerce. As in a lot of other old cities, as the ships have grown much larger, the ports have moved further out into deeper waters.

This beautiful Boston seaside print shows great sunset skies over the waters and wharfs of the harbor. My eyes were particularly caught by this one pretty boat basking in the light of the late afternoon sun. There was certainly an envious moment or two of wishing I was out on that boat instead of walking along the Boston Harborwalk in Christopher Columbus Park. But this harbor print of that moment sure captures the feeling of a leisurely late summer afternoon on the Boston seaside. Every time I look at this print, I’m back in Boston again in the warm sun with a nice sea breeze. I know everyone in Boston can’t have a boat, but I sure understand the allure for those who do!

I did spend a lot of time walking the Harborwalk on the Boston seaside that afternoon, but this is the print that I felt really captured the vibe of a lazy day in Boston and the one that makes me want to come back. Have you also taken a leisurely walk along the waterfront in Boston? Or relaxed on a boat in the harbor waters? Or maybe the lure of the sea in this boat print speaks volumes to you? I would love to hear what attracts you most to this seaside print!

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