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Art Print Notes:

If you’re here, you’re probably hunting for a memorable print of the landmark King and Queen Towers in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This one was the end-result of a passion to capture something striking and different from the usual. During my first few years in Atlanta, I passed by these towers heading north on Georgia 400 every day and they sort of became part of my daily life. I’m sure there are a lot of people who pass those towering skyscrapers with the same feeling – never mind those of you who work there!

That was the reason, capturing the beauty of the King and Queen Towers became something of an obsession for a couple of years there. On weekends, I drove through the surrounding streets looking for the perfect perspective. And although I liked some of my earlier work featuring these buildings, it was after this one moment that I more or less quit. I didn’t see myself surpassing this anytime soon. Just look at those amazing skies! Yes, I sat and waited for dusk to fall but the skies, those were pure magical chance. It’s the sort of thing you don’t conjure up every day and the reason, I’m sure, that this is one of my most popular prints from the Atlanta area. Not only is this a beautiful angle that highlights the striking architecture, it has a deep dusk sky to die for. Just look at those clouds, the warm glow. Doesn’t it make you feel exhilarated?

There are few buildings in the greater Atlanta area that captured my imagination like the King and Queen towers. Those are actually the unofficial names of Concourse 1 & 2 in Sandy Springs near the intersection of GA 400 and I-285, the perimeter roadway that rings Atlanta. In fact, I suspect the bulk of people in the Atlanta area only know them as the King and Queen buildings – a moniker owed to the distinctive spires of the two buildings. Don’t they look like massive chess pieces?

The King and Queen Towers are actually part of the suburban landscape, not part of the city center, which might surprise some not familiar with Atlanta. The last I knew, these were still the tallest suburban high rise buildings in the USA. Even if they’ve since been surpassed in height, it’s hard to imagine them being passed in class!

If you have a moment, I would love to hear what drew you to this particular print? Do you just love the architecture? Is it the drama of the lighting and skies? Or do you or a loved one have offices in one of the towers? Inquiring minds want to know!

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