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Art Print Notes:

This Egyptian Sunrise was unforgettably beautiful. The sky until this moment had been an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors, rich blues and pinks that heralded the appearance of the sun on the distant desert horizon. And as we drifted on the breezes in our hot air balloon it seemed as if the skies were putting on a show for us with the Egyptian landscape below as its stage.

The rugged landscape of the Valley of the Kings and the aerial view was simply a winning combination. It was an experience I can’t imagine ever forgetting. In fact this Egyptian sunrise was a lesson in living in the moment. Up until this moment, I had seen most of those beautiful hot air balloons in the morning skies of Egypt through the lens of my camera.

As the Egyptian sunrise turned gold and the landscape below an amazing red-orange… well… I framed this one fleeting view of another balloon drifting through the morning skies and I put my camera way and lived in the incredible moment for awhile. I still look at this print and remember the cold air mixing with the warm sunlight. And of course, I remember the joy of being there. It was an incredible experience both for its novelty and because of the incredibly memorable Egyptian sunrise prints that resulted.

These prints still bring a smile to my face, both because of the memories as well as the fact they have connected with so many people. Even if you have never been in a hot air balloon and seen an Egyptian sunrise, this is simply one of those feel-good colorful landscape prints that speaks to us on an intrinsic human level.

I hope you might take a moment to share what speaks to you loudest in this colorful hot air balloon print?

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