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Art Print Notes:

I suspect that for many who have called Atlanta home, if they were asked to name just one landmark, the Fabulous Fox would be their choice. I know in my case, I visited the Fox Theatre long before I ever called Atlanta home. It’s an Atlanta landmark whose fame has spread well beyond the city. That grand old theater and its eclectic architecture is certainly a well known citizen of historic Atlanta. And this was the reason it was one of the first places I visited as I sat out to create a series of art prints featuring iconic or landmark Atlanta.

This particular photo is of the lovely vintage red marquee atop the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It has a really striking feel against the deep blue sky doesn’t it? Ah, red and blue, two of my favorite colors in one image!

Like many old fading movie palaces across America, the Fox was very nearly demolished.  The Fox was set to make way for a new office tower in the 1970’s, but due to concerted work by locals it was saved and has become a hub of theater goers in Atlanta today. I don’t think many in Atlanta today could imagine an Atlanta without the Fabulous Fox on Peachtree Street!

This fun angle on that great vintage sign still reminds me of standing there on the sidewalk staring up at that beautiful marquee. It wasn’t the last time I would visit the Fox with my camera. In fact, it was the first of many times I wandered that little corridor of Midtown.  But sometimes the first try is a clear winner. This dramatic and colorful image remains one of the most popular of my Atlanta landmark prints.

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