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Art Print Notes:

The inspiration for some of my more abstract artwork is utterly unknown. I was working on a comparatively straightforward depiction of the historic Equitable Building in Atlanta. In fact, I had all but finished that piece of art when this dreamy image came to me. Perhaps it was something akin to a waking dream?

Or perhaps it was the surreal wonder of being able to look at the architectural details of a building that was demolished decades before I even dreamed of living in Atlanta. After all old photos are the closest most of us are likely to ever get to time machines. Oh, in my dreams!

At the end of the day, this dreamy artwork has the power to speak to anyone. Whether you appreciate the glimpses of classic architecture, a piece of old Atlanta that has since faded away, or whether it reminds you of an actual dream, there’s a haunting aspect to this dreamy art and its fog of clouds and birds.

To me, it feels very much like the cell from a film snatched from the lost corner of a dream. It’s definitely one of those pieces of art where the ultimate interpretation is up to you, the viewer. What does it say to you? Does it remind you of the distant past or the hazy future? Your dreams? Fantasies?

I hop you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts on how this piece connects with you!

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