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Art Print Notes

There’s something about the cool quiet of morning standing by a body of water like the Flint River. It has always been an experience that I find recharges the mental batteries in a very zen way. Have you had that same experience of losing yourself and your worries in a moment like the one in this Georgia print?

This foggy Flint River print illustrates the narrow border between my hometown, Montezuma, and its sister city, Oglethorpe, in the midst of rural Macon County, Georgia. On a quiet morning in the fog, though, it feels a million miles from anywhere and anyone. And in that dense fog, even the river banks feel lost. If you look carefully, you can make out a little fall color just appearing on the upper branches of the ghostly trees.

I am a real fan of the power of the mists. There is nothing like a thick rolling fog to transform the landscape. The Flint River which runs through the heart of Georgia is naturally beautiful, of course, but the fog adds an entirely different layer to this scenic morning view. Isn’t it interesting how obscuring the view and making it so indistinct can help create such a powerful image? Perhaps some of us simply long for mysteries in life?

Ultimately that is the strength of this particular art print. There is so much to love in this Flint River artwork whether you grew up on these river banks or you simply love the ethereal quality of this beautiful and mysterious landscape. There is an emotional connection to this scene in either case, don’t you think?

I hope you might take a second to share what you find most striking about this Georgia Print? I would love to hear from you whether you have called Georgia home or you connect with this print from the other side of the world!

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