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Art Print Notes

It’s funny how a piece of art can find its own path as this Forsyth Park artwork did. When I first envisioned this rainy artwork, I thought there would be a small figure or two nearer the famous Victorian fountain.

As I worked on it, I decided the distant fountain on its own was a strong enough subject that I would limit the number of figures in the scene. In fact, I almost didn’t include any at all.

I ultimately decided that one couple would balance the scene, and now I’d have to say that I think they make the scene not just balance it. The human warmth this print of Forsyth Park needed was that couple walking close under the umbrella together.

Even if you’ve never walked through Forsyth Park with the one you love, the result is a tender scene that warms the heart just a bit, don’t you agree? But if you’re one of the many who have had your wedding in Savannah or visited there with the love of your life, then I suspect this Savannah art is all the more personal. Maybe you see yourself in this scene so to speak?

Personally I love this Forsyth Park artwork not because it reminds me of an old flame but because it reminds me very much of the mood of Savannah. Spanish moss dripping from mature live oaks… and that indelible magic of Savannah. After all, Savannah is simply one of those quirky beautiful cities that defies explanation. But if you’ve visited or lived there, then you probably know the innate beauty and old southern charm that Savannah possesses in spades.

Savannah is a city of parks and squares. Its founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, planned the city around a series of squares, most of which still survive. Apparently Forsyth Park was planned for from the beginning but not realized until the 19th century. And if you too sense the Parisian vibe it’s because in the 19th century Paris was the model for urban garden spaces like this. And the beautiful fountain for which Forsyth Park is well known? That too is of the Victorian era. So there’s a timeless feel to this setting. You almost ask yourself if those lamps are gas lanterns don’t you?

Savannah in rich in history and filled with an old world charm that probably explains much of the magic we modern day visitors feel. And that was ultimately what I most wanted to capture in this Savannah print of Forsyth Park and that beautiful old fountain. I hope you feel like I succeeded. I know that I look at this and feel both happiness and a wistful desire to go back to Savannah soon.

I hope you might pause for a moment and share what this Savannah fountain artwork means to you? Does it remind you of someone you love? Or do you simply feel the embrace of the live oaks calling you back to Savannah?

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