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Art Print Notes

I was in High School the first time I saw the beautiful Fox Theatre sign over Peacthree Street in Atlanta. I didn’t live particularly near Atlanta but we had gone on a winter field trip to see Cats. Sometimes it seems like yesterday instead of well, I’ll keep that to myself thank you! Ha!

But as someone who loved old things from an early age, the vintage beauty of the Atlanta Fox Theatre sign made a lasting impression on me. I loved the vivd eye-catching red and the yesteryear styling. It was a fun first introduction to the Fox Theatre for sure. For anyone who has visited that Atlanta icon, the sign is just the tip of the iceberg in a captivating piece of late 1920’s movie palace architecture. The Fox might be a little over the top even for a building that was meant to be theatrical!

I didn’t know the full history of the Fox Theatre on that long ago day. I had no idea that in the 1970’s the Fox was slated to be demolished to make way for office buildings. Imagine that the Fox Theatre Sign looming ahead could have been nothing but a memory for older citizens of Atlanta. Luckily the near destruction of the Fabulous Fox was a wake-up call for preservationists in Atlanta to save a little of the old in what is unquestionably a modern American city.

Instead Atlanta’s Fox Theatre went on to have a second life as a cultural hub in the city. It’s a place where people flock for special summer showings of movies as well as musicals and more. How many special memories have been made in the old theatre that stands behind the Fox Theatre sign in Atlanta?

Do you have your own special memories of the Fox? Maybe you and someone you love have a special place in your story for tor the Fox? Or maybe you want a reminder of a great show you saw there? I hope you will pause for a moment and let me know what attracted you to my Atlanta art in general and this Fox Theatre sign print in particular!

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