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Art Print Notes:

Seeing the great pyramids on the Giza plateau is truly like looking at a guidebook written in antiquity. When the ancient Greeks were listing the Seven Wonders of their world, the pyramids were already ancient marvels. And flash forward a couple of thousands years more, those same pyramids are the only remaining wonder of the ancient world still with us today. That was why standing before them, never mind getting the chance to see the inside is one of those life experiences that still boggles my mind. It’s one of those treks I always knew I’d make sometime, somehow.

I quite often see pictures of this pyramid, the one built by Pharaoh Khafre, listed as The Great Pyramid. This is because it looks taller today, but The Great pyramid, the largest of them all, belonged to Khufu, his predecessor. Out of deference, each of the three pyramids at Giza was built a bit shorter than the one before it. They were, even in somewhat less ancient times, encased in smooth limestone like the pinnacle of the pyramid in this print. The limestone was stripped off and/or weathered away in the course of history. That’s why this one with just a glimmer of that ancient stone casing at the top is so often the one that captures people’s attention and gets labeled as the Great Pyramid. I can certainly see why, can’t you? Every time I see this ancient pyramid, I imagine it as it must have looked in antiquity, Even in ruins it’s amazing, but in the past it must have been a true sight to behold towering over the plateau at Giza, a burial place for men turned gods.

There were, of course, other Egyptian pyramids, but these at Giza, are the ones people mean when they say The pyramids. My trip didn’t afford the time to see the others, but I dream often of walking at Giza again one day and seeing the earlier pyramids that came before these pinnacles of that architectural style. This print certainly re-awakens that desire every time I look at it. And the longer into the past it goes, the more dream-like that moment feels.

Have you had that same sense of awe standing before the pyramids at Giza? Or perhaps this pyramid print stirs your imagination? I hope you might take a second or two of your time to share what strikes you most about this print?

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