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Art Print Notes:

If you had asked me before leaving for Egypt, I surely would have expected that seeing the pyramids or the ancient Egyptian temples would be the highlight of my trip. Instead it was the experience of flying in hot air balloons at dawn through the Egyptian skies was the moment I’ll never forget. I think it was as much for the sheer beauty of it as it was the fact I stepped outside of my comfort zone to do it. High places and I have no always mixed, and it’s always been unpredictable what would set off that primal fear. So, as I watched the balloons around us ascending into the dawn skies… there was a moment of trepidation.

But seconds into that first flight, those hot air balloons at dawn were the stuff of pure magic. I think this print really captures that feeling of being aloft. It’s that feeling of being suddenly and wonderfully untethered from the earth below. Those hot air balloons didn’t feel so much like they were flying the way a plane does as drifting on the winds. It was, in my mind at least, as close to the feeling one gets of flying in a dream-state.

There was also a sense of longing at this moment. As I watched the hot air balloons at dawn launching around us, our little balloon just feet from the ground felt like it was loosing ground. Those other balloons so much further in the dawn skies looked beautiful and out of reach. When I looked up at them, I saw the dark blue skies of early morning with just a hint of pink forming below them… there was no sign of or interest in the ground below. The whole story is those beautiful skies and those magical hot air balloons at dawn drifting where the wind wished…

I’m sure reading this sounds like an almost spiritual experience, and in some sense, it was like an out of body moment. And I think this print captures that free floating feeling better than I could express in words.

Have you had the same experience in a hot air balloon be it in Egypt or elsewhere? Perhaps this print also reminds you of that joyous experience? I would appreciate it if you took a few seconds to share what you find most striking about this dawn print?

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