Hot Air Balloons In Egyptian Skies – Dawn Art Print

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About This Print

I was amazed at just how zen I found the experience of flying in a hot air balloon to be. I was definitely pushing beyond my the boundaries of my comfort zone when I made plans for the hot air balloon flight featured in this vibrant print. I find that travel typically involves doing things we would never do at home. And thus I found myself getting up before dawn to see the Egyptian skies near Luxor. Those morning skies were a riot of ever-changing colors.

I will never forget watching the balloons surrounding us on the desert lifting into the skies. All sense of trepidation had fled and all I wanted to do was join them. There was a part of me that felt like we were in a race and they had the advantage. As we drifted up into those colorful skies, and I saw the balloons above… well, the race was over… All I cared about was the amazing view of those hot air balloons floating above us. And yes it was every bit as amazing as this Egyptian hot air balloon print suggests.

I am not sure if I was incredibly fortunate that morning or if the skies over Egypt from an aerial perspective are frequently this brilliant. But the colors were almost indescribable. Look at the deep purple laced with pink in this print. If I had to name those colors, I am afraid the only name that comes to mind is cotton candy with almost the same spun sugar consistency.

There was an element not just of zen but of serendipity as we and the hot air balloons around us drifted on the breezes. There was no way to plan a shot. I simply had to react to the moment. Such as seeing that one lone golden balloon suddenly fire its burners. That one glowing hot air balloon really makes this print for me. It reminded me of a massive firefly glowing just out of reach in those vivid skies.

In some way, I feel like my series of hot air balloon prints taken that morning are infused with the magic of that moment. I still feel the same cold morning air far above the desert and the almost ethereal sensation of flying where the wind suggested. I’m glad so many others seem to appreciate them as much as I do. Don’t you feel the magic of that morning in this vibrant print?

Whether or not you have drifted on the breezes over Egypt, I know this is a colorful print that brings that zen carefree spirit along with it. I hope you might pause for a second to share what you find most striking about this hot air balloon print?


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Mark Tisdale - Georgia Artist

I'm a Georgia artist who fashions myself as a creative geek!

My journey as an artist started with a love of travel which has changed my life in ways I never would have imagined. I feel quite fortunate to have found creative outlets that I love. I have been working as an artist for over a decade and I have supported myself as a full time artist for seven years and counting.

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