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Art Print Notes:

I will never forget my ascent to the top of Saint Peter’s during my trip to Rome. There was an enthusiastic electricity in the air of the crowd I climbed with. Each cramped step inside the dome was filled with huffing, puffing, and laughter. Few of us spoke the same language, but we were united in our excitement as well as our tired feet! And when we at last burst out onto the top of the dome, the aerial view of Saint Peter’s Square below as simply breath-taking! The famous square and the city of Rome literally spread out before us like a miniature model in a museum.

Saint Peter’s Square – or Piazza San Pietro – is an amazing view from above. The baroque square was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 17th century some decades after the completion of the basilica. The large colonnades encircling the square are meant to represent the open arms of the church while providing a clearly defined space for large gatherings such as Papal audiences and masses. Today the amazing piazza in this print, Saint Peter’s Square, is one of those iconic places you’ve likely seen on TV whether or not you’ve ever been to the Vatican in person.

This print of Saint Peter’s Square still takes me back to that afternoon so many years ago. Whenever I look at this image, I am back there again looking down on the architecture of the Vatican and Rome. The black and white presentation really draws the eyes to the distinct lines of the colonnades and the surrounding Italian cityscape. It has an almost graphic feel doesn’t it?

Have you looked down into Saint Peter’s Square from the roof above or perhaps been down there in the midst of that baroque piazza? Or perhaps you simply love this aerial print of the Vatican and Rome? I hope you might take a second to share your favorite aspect of this black and white print!

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