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About This Print

On the day we left Luxor, we got an early start to arrive at Karnak Temple just as it opened. The morning light on those ancient Egyptian ruins was simply golden and dazzling. The light of a new day is such a stark contrast with the twilight of this ancient architecture.

By the time we arrived at Karnak Temple, I had seen so many ancient ruins I was honestly in danger of becoming blasé about the whole thing. Some of the temples we had seen before had honestly begun to run together in my mind. There seems to be no limit to the ancient ruins of Egypt. I don’t know that we necessarily saved the best to last but Karnak Temple was truly a fine note with which to conclude.

These ancient columns were part of the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple. In ancient times these intricately decorated columns supported a massive roof, but today they hold only the blue sky. This is just one of what was originally 135 columns from the 13th Century BC temple. Gargantuan is an adjective that comes to mind. Truly a temple built on a monumental style.

There’s a real sense of the lost grandeur and mystery in this print of the ancient ruins of Karnak Temple. Even though we know much about the ancient Egyptians through their writing, it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the people of that long ago land. Standing in the midst of their ruins is as close as most of us are likely to get to standing in an alien world. They are so removed from us by time and belief but at the same time they were ultimately people like us who lived, breathed, and loved. So we must have some common ground in there somewhere.

Have you stood in the ruins of Karnak Temple and had that same sense of trying to comprehend a lost world? Or perhaps you simply love Egyptian history and architecture? I would love to hear what draws you to this particular Egyptian print?

Note: Karnak Temple and the other ruins of ancient Thebes are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage site.


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