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Art Print Notes:

I went to Italy to see ancient ruins. I have always been fascinated by ancient history and Italy was always up there on my lengthy bucket-list. The funny thing is sometimes the highlight of a trip is not what we expected it to be. For me, it was the day that concluded with this Capri Sunset. Our time on the Isle of Capri was an adventure wrapped in an amazing landscape. Thanks to a wrong turn we saw more of Capri than we ever planned and met an incredibly nice local who not only showed us the way, he gave us a guided tour of Villa Jovis, the mountain-top retreat of ancient Roman emperors.

And that was how we came to be there in time to see a Capri Sunset from the top of the island. And it was truly a sunset fit for kings as you can see in this landscape print! Capri was an enchanting island from the outset, but I was truly awestruck as I watched the golden sun sink into the Tyrrhenian Sea from Monte Tiberio. The vistas were so beautiful from there it was instantly clear why Emperor Tiberius built his palace in this coastal landscape nearly two millennia ago.

I still look back on this Capri Sunset print and have to pinch myself a little. The blues of the sky are so deep. The oranges and golds of the sun and the horizon so magical. The undulating terrain of the dark landscape below are simply so fantastic that it feels like the fantasy of an artist rather than a real place off the Italian coast.

Have you climbed the peak of Monte Tiberio to Villa Jovis? Perhaps you have seen the sunset off the Italian coast on Capri? Or does this magical Italian landscape print simply call to you as it does to me? I hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts on what speaks to you most in this print?

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