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Art Print Notes:

Wandering the streets of Boston’s Little Italy, I spotted this great street sign pointing the way to various Italian cities! I loved how that sign paid homage to the recent ethnic heritage of the neighborhood. The whimsical nature of Boston’s Little Italy was immediately apparent.

The whimsical nature continues even in the direction the signs are pointed. At the distance of Little Italy from those cities in Mediterranean Europe, all those street signs should be more or less pointing the same way. But it’s not a real road sign, of course. And I think in essence it illustrates that Little Italy is close at heart if not geography to the home of the immigrant population in this Boston enclave.

I’m always fascinated by the immigrant story. And of course, the immigrant narrative is a common one in the USA. The Italians are only the latest immigrants to Boston to call The North End their new home. From what I have read, many ethnic groups landed here in this neighborhood before being more or less absorbed into the American identity and moving on for the next group to take their place. And I have to say, true to its designation, the people and food in Little Italy reminded me a lot of my previous travels to Italy. It was as close as I’ve been to Italy since I walked the streets of Rome.

Have you wandered the streets of Little Italy as well? Or perhaps this whimsical Boston print reminds you of your own Italian heritage?

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