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Art Print Notes:

This London art print is a sure sign I’ve been dreaming of London. And after all it is definitely one of those cities that gets under your skin. Long before I set foot in London, I had fallen in love with the iconic sights there like “Big Ben” and those classic British Telephone boxes. Seeing them in person was literally like walking into a dream. And now years since I’ve been back, I still dream of London!

This London art print features some of the most iconic sights in London. The Elizabeth Clock Tower is known to many as Big Ben, even though, yes, that’s the bell. It’s part of the Gothic Revival rebuild of the Palace of Westminster in the Victorian era. It’s a style of fantasy Gothic that has since become the epitome of old British style. The classic British phone booth by comparison is much newer. A 20th century design, it’s more influenced by Neoclassical style but is unmistakably British. It’s so iconic that British pubs far from England often sport Phone box art if not actual phone boxes! There’s no doubt that it is hard to imagine Britain, never mind London, without them. And yet less than a century on, their original use as phone booths is practically archaic in the modern world.

Before I even sat down to work on this London art print, I knew these would be the subjects. Some of my artwork coalesces as I work on it. I may have a general idea but the specifics come to me as I go. But that wasn’t the case with this one. I saw the dreamy skies and Big Ben and this Red telephone booth as clear as day before I ever sat down to work on it.

This London art has quickly become one of my more popular British prints. It seems to speak to people who love London as much as I do. I bet you can identify with this artwork as well can’t you?

Wonder what past print buyers think?


  1. Darla Stevens

    Oh, I love this!

    It definitely reminds me of London and makes me want to go back there! This would look beautiful in my home!


    • Mark Tisdale

      Thank you Darla! London is one of my favorite places, so I’m really pleased you like this so much!

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