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Art Print Notes:

It’s mind boggling how much truly ancient history stands on the streets of modern Egypt. Never mind the treasures that may still lie beneath the desert sands waiting to be discovered. By the time we reached Luxor, we had seen so many Egyptian temples and still had more to come. Running low on time, I never took a closer look at the Luxor temple ruins seen in this print. I captured this beautiful view of that ancient temple while walking by as my first day in Luxor drew to a close. Don’t you love the warm golden orange tones of the setting sun on that old architecture?

I suspect even an armchair Egyptologist would recognize the familiar lines of a New Kingdom Temple in this print of the Luxor temple ruins. I’ve read that the temples in what is now Luxor were dedicated to the Theban Triad of gods Amun, Mut, and Chons. What we see now was part of a larger temple complex that was once connected to Karnak Temple by an avenue of sphinxes. It’s always worth remembering as we gaze at these ancient ruins that they are just a ghost of the golden past. This is a little sliver of ancient Egypt marooned in the midst of a modern Egyptian city. And that makes it sort of amazing how beautiful they still look totally taken out of context, eh?

That incredible afternoon light shining on the Luxor temple ruins and the beautiful skies above were truly a treat. With only a few days in a given city, you run the risk of never getting such an atmospheric scene. In fact, I’m sure I’ve been in cities longer without getting such great light. It really makes for a dramatic and colorful ancient Egypt print.

Have you also stood outside Luxor Temple and marveled at this little piece of the Egyptian past? Or perhaps you are that armchair Egyptologist who simply loves this scene from a faraway place? I would love if you took a second to share what you find most appealing about this print?

Note: the temples at Luxor are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage site.

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