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Art Print Notes:

There are moments that I would never forget even without my prints of these faraway places. This Red Sea sunset is one of those moments without a doubt. It wasn’t just the seemingly exotic location, it was the utter peace I found on that distant beach. After over a week of seeing the riches of Egypt’s antiquities, this beach on the Sinai peninsula was simply an amazing place to rest and recharge. And it doesn’t hurt that it was, as you can see, situated in a gorgeous landscape.

My first Red Sea sunset was unquestionably the best of the days we were there. Not long after we arrived the sun started setting behind us over the mountains of the Sinai. And the sky became a wash of amazing hues of red and blue and gold… And those colors were reflecting in the red sea. In this long exposure of that beautiful beach print, the Sunset red sea waters take on an almost watercolor property. There’s no sense left of the motion o the waves just a glassy surface of rich colors.

As if Egypt didn’t feel already far from home, in the distance from Nuweiba, we could see the coastline of Saudi Arabia. Yes, that’s where the the blue mountains you see beneath that red sky are in this Red sea sunset print. So far from home but on those Red Sea shores I felt absolutely at peace. I could have stayed there easily longer than we did. In fact, of all the places we visited in Egypt, it was this little piece of quiet coast that I really hated to see fading in the rear view mirror. The adventure in Egypt’s Sinai wasn’t over but an incredibly picturesque chapter of it was.

Have you perchance sat on this same coast and watched the sky turn into a riot of colors as the sun fell on the horizon? Or perhaps you have never ventured here but find this colorful Red Sea sunset print as enriching as I still do? I would love if you took a second to share what strikes you most about this Egyptian landscape print?

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