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Art Print Notes:

The inspiration for this old red truck art print came from a simple desire to do something fun! I had recently shared another autumn themed print I did a few years ago that included nothing but the golden canopy of trees and a winding road. In my response to someone admiring the work, I mentioned how many architectural pieces I had done lately and how much I missed the comparative freedom of a simple landscape!

I guess you could call this old red truck art print meeting in the middle somewhat. There’s still the lines of the old red truck that aren’t quite as free as the fall colored foliage, but in its own way it was a fun subject. The lines of those vintage trucks (and cars) are simply fun! Earlier cars and trucks were boxy and inspired by their stagecoach roots. Then car manufacturers began to embrace Art deco and later Streamline Moderne styles. These cars and trucks are, to my eyes and many others, literal works of art on wheels. So, this old red truck seemed like the perfect focal point for this fun autumn artwork.

I will admit when I was mapping out this red truck art print, I actually considered other colors for the classic GMC truck. The trees were always going to be in bold hues of gold and red. I knew that from the start, and the sky, of course, was going to be a bright blue like you see on a clear fall day. The truck I toyed with a classic blue for awhile and I even looked at a gorgeous green. And while I liked each choice, red won the day. It’s almost as if the old red truck and the brilliant fall leaves are trying to outshine each other but at the same time are in a perfect harmony. I’m so glad I went with red and it’s hard to imagine this old red truck art any other way for me after completing it!

Whatever choices I made along the way, this particular print is exactly what I wanted, something that was fun to do and brings a broad smile to my face every time I look at it. And so far that seems to be the general consensus, that it’s a smile-inducing and colorful piece of art!

What say you? Does this red truck art print tick all the boxes for you, too? I’d love it if you take a moment to share your thoughts. Does it remind you of a place, a moment in time, or maybe someone special to you?

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