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About This Print

During my short visit to Rome, I visited the ancient Roman Colosseum repeatedly. When I originally planned my trip to Italy, it was the ancient ruins of Rome that I was most interested in seeing. And the Roman Colosseum is, after all, one of most recognized ruins from the classical world. Today it’s essentially the logo for Rome!

And it’s from the angle in this Rome print that we really see that the ancient glory of Rome is today a skeleton of its former self. For centuries after the fall of Rome, the Flavian Amphitheater, as it was originally know, was viewed as little more than a source of materials. If you needed marble or metals to build a new palace or church, the Roman Colosseum was your quarry. For us today, that’s hard to imagine, but the ruins had no value to the people of Rome at the time.

And so it was until 1749 when Pope Benedict XIV saw that fully two thirds of the ancient Roman Colosseum was already gone. He stepped in to save what remained of the ancient structure by designating it as a church to the Christian martyrs. Were it not for his actions, there’s little doubt there would be no Roman Colosseum in the historic center of Rome today.

This Roman Colosseum print is based on photos from my last day in Rome. I had to see those fantastic ancient ruins one more time before leaving. And what a fantastic day it was. The skies were clear and the sun was unbelievably intense. One side of the ancient Roman Colosseum was bathed in this incredible golden light which was such a contrast with the blue skies. It’s almost as if the ancient structure itself is radiating a golden light to remind us of the ancient glory of Rome. It was just an incredibly striking final visit to the Colosseum for me and one that has remained vivid to me every since.

And this Colosseum print apparently speaks to others as well as it was the first of my Rome prints to sell and has remained popular every since. Does it speak to you, too? Have you stood in Rome before the great structure? Or simply dream of it? I would love if you take a second to share your thoughts about what speaks to you most in this golden Rome print?


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