Ross Errilly Friary – Irish Ruins Art

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About This Print

Ireland seems to be littered with historic and sacred sites like the Irish ruins seen here – Ross Errilly Friary. I would not have seen these if I had taken a bus tour of the wilds of Connemara. It’s simply one of those places I never would have stumbled over on my own, but I was so thankful to have wandered among these Irish Ruins. There was a real sense of history and peace in these old medieval monastic ruins in rural County Galway near Headford.

The moment seen here is simply one of those spontaneous moments. You can only anticipate not plan to capture birds in flight like this. I was standing in this room of the old monastery gazing out that great medieval window with the open sky above me when I started hearing birds fluttering in a nearby chamber. I also heard others in my group going in that same general direction. I hoped just maybe if I was lucky those birds would fly my way. I framed this view of those old Irish ruins and the countryside beyond that ancient window. I took a deep breath and waited… Moments later, I heard those roosting birds take flight, and well, there you go, timing is everything. The result is this print of a magical moment with a small flock of birds taking flight through the sky over those old Irish ruins.

Ross Errily Friary or Mainistir Ros Oirialaigh was founded circa the 15th century and finally abandoned in the 19th. It’s said to be one of the best preserved Medieval monasteries in Ireland and is a protected National Monument. It’s still considered a sacred place and locals still bury loved ones within these old Irish ruins today.

Have you also visited the beautiful ruins of Ross Errily Friary? Or do you simply appreciate the inherent magic of sacred places like the medieval monastery in this print?


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