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Art Print Notes:

I have to admit that I did not know the full history of the Savannah Theatre when I started on this particular artwork. I simply loved the old art deco style and the big neon sign that proclaimed Savannah in large illuminated letters.

But the history of the Savannah Theatre goes back far beyond this building. In fact, the Savannah Theatre is arguably one of the longest running theatres in the US. There’s been a theatre on this sight since December of 1818 which means the Savannah Theatre has a 200 year birthday coming soon. Obviously it’s entire history wasn’t motion pictures and even today, live shows continue.

As beautiful as the building is to me, I think I’m more impressed knowing its history. It’s been burned, had its roof blown off in hurricanes, and it always came back. In 1948 the last building on the site burned. The Art Deco design we see now opened its doors in 1950, which makes the art deco design so much more understandable.

There’s a generation of Savannahians out there who grew up watching movies here. And in more recent years tourists and locals alike who have enjoyed musicals on the stage at the Savannah Theatre. It seems to be such a special place that I’ve noticed there are lots of wedding photos beneath the marquee and the big Savannah sign.

So my artwork tackled a larger than life location it seems, but I think based on the reaction that I delivered a print equal to honoring such a big piece of Savannah’s culture.  There’s a sense of the place as well as a sense of the weather. Even though it’s painted, I feel as if I can hear the gentle rain when I look at this! There’s a sense of atmosphere in both the literal and metaphorical sense at work here. Not only did I have fun making this, I think it’s fun to simply sit and stare at it…

What speaks to you in this Savannah Theatre artwork? Do you like this art print because you have deep roots in Savannah or, like me, are you simply a visitor who loves the feel of old Savannah? I hope you may take a moment to share your thoughts with me.

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