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Art Print Notes:

It’s funny how the subway systems of various big cities have a character and flavor all their own. For instance, London has the Tube, Paris has the Metro, and Boston has the T! I’ve been to Boston twice and relied on the T to get me around. I’m not hugely fond of driving anywhere let alone an unfamiliar city. So, the local transit very much forms my experience of a city. And of the different trains lines, it was the green line trains I liked the most. I just loved the retro modern feel of those old subway cars.

During my last visit to Boston, I was staying out in Brookline where the Green Line train runs above ground. It seemed like the perfect chance to capture one of those cool retro trains in action. This colorful Boston print is based off one of those photos, taken as the night skies were turning from dusk blue to the dark black of night. I loved the hint of blue to the skies and the great warm gold light emanating from inside the train car. There’s a really urban feel in the grit of the tracks and the green line train cars.

In the end, it’s the people that breathe light to this green line train print. Look at the variety of people from those waiting to board the train, those already on it, and of course, the train driver. It’s more than a mechanical print of train tracks and cars, it captures a little hum of life in Boston on a winter night.

I can’t help remembering riding the T every time I look at this Boston print. It reminds me of Boston at night and life in the city. I can hear the Green Line stops being announced right now, how about you?

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