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Art Print Description:

There was simply something about this view of Tybee Light from the beach on the Georgia coast that felt nostalgic to me. I can’t explain what it was. Maybe it was simply that I looked at it and felt nostalgic for my time on the beach? Maybe it was some ineffable quality of the image, but that sentimental air mixed with the sea air ultimately inspired the vintage direction I took with this artwork.

I’ve overlaid this image with a number of textures but the one layer that is ultimately providing the lettering and the weathered coloring of the final Tybee light print is courtesy of my grandmother being a wonderful pack-rat. That one layer is a genuinely old family letter written by my grandfather to my grandmother in the 1930’s. The old script and the vintage coloring gives this Georgia coast print an even more nostalgic air. It feels as if this print might be a taste of life from long ago on Tybee Island or perhaps an old postcard sent home from a visit to the coast. This was inspired at least in part by old postcards I have where my grandparents ran out of room and concluded their messages on the image!

The more I think about it, perhaps old lighthouses like Tybee Light are simply nostalgic because they represent the past to us, and one that has become in popular culture very romantic. They are artifacts of our old association with the sea. We picture the brave people who ran them and saved the lives of people on passing ships. Many of those historic lights still stand but as reminders of our collective past. And I think that collective sentiment is what this Tybee Light print ultimately taps.

Have you walked the beaches of Tybee Island? Do you feel as nostalgic for it as I do? Perhaps you’ve never been to Tybee but this lighthouse print pulls at your heart strings? I do hope you’ll take a second to share what speaks to you most in this print.


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