Unforgettable Pompeii – Ancient Roman City Art Print

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About This Print

My main reason for venturing out of Rome during my short time in Italy was my fervent desire to see Pompeii. The ancient ruins of this Roman town had long ago captured my imagination. The story of Pompeii is a weird mixture of tragedy and the opportunity to examine a long lost culture. That the city was long ago covered in the ash of Mount Vesuvius is deeply sad. Imagine all the people walking these streets that day. And they had no idea they would never see another sunrise or sunset. Yet the armchair archaeologist in me is fascinated by the treasures of Pompeii. It’s very much an ancient Roman city encased in amber. Centuries later they are still digging at Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum. Tragedy turned Pompeii into a gateway to the distant pass.

In my mind, this Pompeii print has always symbolized that gateway to the past. I’ll never forget standing on that ancient cobblestone street, the Via di Mercurio, and gazing at the distant mountains. I believe those are the Monti Lattari. The amazing skies over the mountains combined with the triumphal arch ahead made me feel as if I was looking at a portal to another world. Or perhaps a portal to another time.

Visiting the ancient ruins of Pompeii was an amazing and beautiful experience. It was impossible for me to separate the tragedy from the place but I was in equal part awestruck by the opportunity to see the city streets of a Roman City. Not a modern city that has ancient wonders but a place that is more or less as it was when the ancient Romans lived and breathed and loved on these streets.

Have you visited Pompeii? Does this print remind you fondly of your experience there? Or is Pompeii still a distant dream? Whatever the case, I would love for you to take a second to share your thoughts on your favorite aspect of this ancient Pompeii print!


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