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Art Print Notes:

This restored vintage courthouse postcard features the stately courthouse that still stands on the main square in Andalusia, Alabama, today. This wasn’t the first courthouse. In fact, the courthouse built in 1916 replaced one built less than 20 years earlier. The early 20th century was a boom period for Covington County. Timber and other agriculture was booming and early industry was beginning to take root. Thus the need for a larger courthouse and probably the desire to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with a grand new government building.

When this vintage courthouse postcard was published circa 1941, the courthouse was still comparatively young at just a bit past 20 years. There’s a great sense of the neoclassical architecture (in the Beaux Arts style) and proportions of the building in this old postcard. It really captures a flavor of Americana from just before World War II.

I love vintage postcards in general but I specifically chose to restore this vintage courthouse postcard because it’s tied with my own family history. Or rather the county it’s located in is. Parts of my paternal family settled in Covington County as homesteaders in the 19th century. And while my mother’s family were comparative newcomers in the 1940s, it was home to them as well. One thing I really love about this postcard aside from the subject itself is the sky. Notice the warm light on the horizon. Mean to be sunrise or sunset, I would guess?

This particular vintage postcard was printed by the Curt Teich Company which was headquartered in Chicago. They operated through much of the 20th century producing some iconic imagery in their classic postcards. It may be hard to believe but these were produced from original black and white photographs. The photograph was turned into a half tone image and color was added though a lithographic style of printing. The end results are a work of art in their own right. These mass produced works of art remain popular today. When I restore them, I do my best to keep the general sense of age while cleaning up any damage. But they are still true to the original. So much so if you choose to print these large, up close you’ll be able to see the original half-tone pattern and texture of the paper from printing.

I would love to hear what attracted you to this vintage courthouse postcard? Do you live in Covington County, Alabama, or like me do you have roots there? Do take a moment to share and browse more of my work featuring the area.

Note: The courthouse in Andalusia is part of a designated National Historic district.

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