This Georgia art for sale is particularly personal to me. I have lived here in Georgia nearly all of my life. And although I have discovered a great love for seeing the places and people that make up our Beautiful World, Georgia has simply always been home. For a short time, nearly all of my work was of the travel genre. But I quickly realized there were beautiful places, buildings, and landscapes right here at home. So it is no huge surprise that Georgia art prints feature heavily in my art portfolio. I stumbled over my love of art while feeding my travel bug, but it was in the streets and landscapes of Georgia that I really exercised the crafting of my work and found my voice as an artist.

Considering my own history, it is hard to be impartial about Georgia. On one hand, I am thoroughly convinced that part of developing an artistic eye is learning to find beauty in unexpected places. But on the other, Georgia seems to be to be an uncommonly beautiful place with an amazing diversity. Georgia’s landscapes run the gamut from the beaches of coastal Georgia to the Appalachian landscapes of North Georgia. Traveling from one end of the state from the other is an experience ranging from sleepy rural towns to the large metro area of Atlanta. Having grown up in one of those sleepy towns and lived in Atlanta, I have appreciation for both ends of that spectrum. And I believe that fondness shows in the stunning Georgia art for sale I have in this art collection.

Whether you have called Georgia home, too, or you have a fondness for beautiful rural landscapes and scenic places, I am confident you will enjoy the Georgia art for sale that I have picked to share here. I know it’s a bit corny, but I do consider each of these prints to be a little love letter to the place I call home. It has been a pleasure seeing and capturing the beauty of Georgia. And the fact that many of these prints are hanging on other people’s walls is simply a privilege and a compliment.

Thank you to those who have purchased in the past and thank you in advance to those who choose to take a little piece of my Georgia into their homes and places of business.

Your interest in my artwork is most appreciated!

The art you decorate with is something that you will look at for years to come. This is true whether it is wall art for your home or a public space in your place of business. Paint colors may come and go, but the artwork often outlives the rest of your decor choices.

That is why I am more than happy to answer any of your questions. Whether you want to know more about a specific piece of art or have a more general question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love the opportunity to discuss the story behind my art as much as sharing helpful details.

I am also open to discussing any special requests you may have. Perhaps you have a special decorating challenge or need artwork tailored to fit a specific space? Or you have a special design opportunity to discuss?

Well, I have always enjoyed challenging projects, so just ask!

This is only a portion of my currently available Georgia artwork. If you would like to see more, please visit the following link:

Mark Tisdale’s Georgia Art Prints.

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