When I was growing up, my family’s roots were in South Alabama, and going to the coast always meant Florida. Of course, growing up here in Georgia, I always heard about Georgia’s historic coast, but it remained a mystery to me for too long. When I finally found myself exploring Georgia’s coast, I simply didn’t want to leave. Just being there, I instantly understood the appeal so many find in the beautiful landscapes and vibrant towns of Coastal Georgia.

If you’ve stood on the beach at Tybee Island, wandered the historic streets of Savannah or just been amazed by the landscape of the salt marshes, I have no doubt my coastal Georgia art prints will speak to you. From sunrise over the water to night time on Tybee, there’s just something incredibly special about the natural beauty of Georgia’s seaside. Capturing that raw beauty was a pleasure and sharing it with others through my coastal Georgia wall art has been a true privilege. I’m always excited to see another of my Georgia lighthouses or marsh landscape print sell. I know it means the recipient loves those same places as much as I do. Even if I never meet them, I feel a kinship with people who choose my coastal Georgia art prints.

I think the universal beauty of the seaside is also why these coastal prints have proven just as popular among people who have never visited Coastal Georgia. I think it basically boils down to how much so many of us love the beach, the smell of the salt air, and the laid back life that seems to permeate the coastal landscape. That would be why coastal art and beach decor is pretty much always popular, don’t you think?

Your interest in my artwork is most appreciated!

The art you decorate with is something that you will look at for years to come. This is true whether it is wall art for your home or a public space in your place of business. Paint colors may come and go, but the artwork often outlives the rest of your decor choices.

That is why I am more than happy to answer any of your questions. Whether you want to know more about a specific piece of art or have a more general question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love the opportunity to discuss the story behind my art as much as sharing helpful details.

I am also open to discussing any special requests you may have. Perhaps you have a special decorating challenge or need artwork tailored to fit a specific space? Or you have a special design opportunity to discuss?

Well, I have always enjoyed challenging projects, so just ask!

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