Odds are if you have an Irish background, your Irish name is a source of some pride. Even though my own family name is not Irish, I grew up with the knowledge not only of the Irish name in my family tree but when they made the trek to America. Even though we were many generations removed from that immigrant ancestor, it was a source of our family’s identity. Have you had that same experience or is your Irish name still your own surname? Or perhaps your family has chosen to preserve that old Irish name as your given name? It’s always fascinating the many ways we choose to recognize our family roots!

This particular series of work has a hint of Irish heritage as well as a contemporary touch. It combines old world heraldry with my own interpretation of Irish culture. When I was trying to think of what emblems to use on this heraldic shield, I decided to include the classic shamrock, a Celtic Harp (which is on the actual Irish arms), a pint of beer, and my own merging of the Triskele and Trinity Knot. The last element reaches back into ancient Celtic and pre-celtic history, but my modern interpretation on the theme is a nod to the world of today and the Irish role in it.

The original version of this work was with Ireland emblazoned on the banner below the word and shield, but before I completed it, I realized this was a fun opportunity for customizable art. I can create a custom print, shirt, or other product with the Irish name of your choice on it! Whether your Irish name is Fitzpatrick, Ryan, or Murphy, you can own a version that speaks to your own Irish heritage.

You will see that I already have created a number of different Irish name designs, but if the one you are looking for isn’t available, just contact me with details! It could be your surname or first name or maybe you have a business with an Irish theme?

You can find all the currently available versions of this Irish Name series in my Irish Pride Gallery.

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