This is a collection of beautiful Galway City art prints. I spent two inspiring weeks during my time in Ireland in and around the city of Galway. And I quite honestly felt like I had found “home” – there was just something about Galway that connected with me. If you’ve visited or called Galway home yourself, perhaps you understand? Maybe you can put it into words better than I can?

Certainly I loved the coastal vibe in the West of Ireland, and Galway is charming and filled with beautiful old architecture. But there was an ineffable quality of Galway beyond simple aesthetics. I spent days roaming the waterfront and hours upon hours exploring the streets. And there wasn’t a disappointing moment to be had.

The wall art available here was inspired by my time in Galway. If you’re searching for Galway art prints, I think you’ll enjoy the time you spend exploring the artwork on display here and perhaps you’ll chance upon that perfect memento of this beautiful city!

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